Over my 6 years with Gates, I have proven to be a top performer and have received many awards that validate my work and accomplishments. I've also been invited to be on a couple of key committees. Here are some of the awards I have received in the past and the committees I have been invited to serve on:


2019 & 2020 Heavy Hitters award: The Gates Heavy Hitters award is given to the top performer in the heavy-duty and hydraulic market. I have received this 2 years in a row.

2017 Nationally Top Performing District Sales Manager: I finished 2017 at 120% to quota, earning me the top performer for the NAPA Heating and Cooling Group.

2017 2nd quarter Team NAPA MVP: I was the NAPA Systems Selling Group's top performer during this quarter. I was also runner up for the NAPA System Selling Group MVP for the year 2017.

Committees Served

2020 Gates Automotive Field Council: Field council consists of members of the Gates field sales team and is hand selected by leadership each year. We are the voice of our counterparts and we discuss a wide variety of topics such as promotions, process improvements, sales strategies, and more.

2017-2018 Promotions and Planning Committee: The Promotions and Planning committee was hand-selected by leadership and would meet twice a year to create the national promotions launched throughout the year.