I have created 2 training websites to help my counterparts and customers more easily identify all the different hydraulic couplings and adapters, as well as provide a link to a hose identifier website. I put a very unique and creative spin that my customers have found works much better than the traditional way training has been conducted in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry. Creating these websites has not only made me more of an expert in my field, but also helped me develop the skill set to create websites from scratch, publish them to the internet, and learn how to insert and read analytics.

One of my websites,, is now on a widely used Gates app- eCrimp. This involved field testing eFitting with customers to ensure it works, self promoting to leaders within my organization, collaborating with other departments such as our Hydraulic Global Product Line Management team, Web Operations team, and Nimbl (app creator). I played a crucial role in implementing my website to eCrimp where I learned valuable skill sets pertaining to app development and design. Below are links to my 2 training website and the eCrimp app:

eFitting uses a less technical but much simpler approach to identifying hydraulic couplings by utilizing a decision tree format based on each coupling’s characteristics along with clear, detailed images. The result is a more user-friendly, accurate, and efficient way to identify virtually any coupling that our customers will encounter. Once you go through the series of questions, the result pages will give you not only the thread configuration you are looking for, but it will have detailed information such as the different variations available (bends, drops, and blocks) and even how to measure the thread size with or without a thread ID kit.

There are a wide selection of hose options offered in the Gates hydraulic hose portfolio, and eHose uses the same unique, process of elimination the eFittings uses to help my counterparts and customers find the best hose for different scenarios. Where you previously would have to flip through multiple pages and search for hoses based off the description, eHose houses all that information and will suggest hoses for that particular scenario.

eCrimp was developed to address demanding conditions demand smarter solutions. With Gates eCrimp mobile app, available for iPhone and Android, you can access your assembly specs offline and in real-time, so you can deliver factory-quality hose assemblies anytime your application demands. Whether you work in extreme environments or controlled conditions, the eCrimp app gives you one less thing to worry about.

Gates added my eFitting website to this app to allow for a unique coupling identifying tool that is now used world-wide.