Marketing, Sales, and Training Content

I have created my own marketing-approved sales fliers, training and sales presentations, Excel files, and more for the last several years. I am able to tailor these to each customer's needs while maintaining a professional look. I am also developing a new hydraulic gtraining program for the Gates AR field team and customer. Below are just a few of the marketing and training content used by my customers and counterparts:

Sales and Marketing Fliers

I utilize Adobe Acrobat and Canva that allows me the ability to create customized fliers to promote strategic products, promotions, and marketing that is approved by our marketing department and is within Gates-brand standards. Below are a few examples of fliers that I have created for customers:

Promotional flier to for a new hydraulic field training I am developing.

Get Going Bumper to Bumper Southwest Promotion NO FORM ID.pdf

Promotional flier for a large WD customer to advertise our hydraulic setup program through co-branding.

Sales flier to promote a custom promotion.

White Paper -Hose Sizing (1).pdf

White page article I wrote and then designed the article on a Gates approved white page format.

Technical flier to offer solutions to adapt during the supply chain issues.

Flier promoting a strategic product line.

Sales Presentations

I create sales presentations tailored to my customers and Gates products that we want to target. Here are a few of my presentations that I have used successfully with our customers or as training for customers and my counterparts:

Wetline Kit Training.pdf

Training presentation to help my counterparts understand complicated wet-line kits, which Gates products are included on these kits, and where to find opportunities.


Sales presentation for a large customer's sales meeting to promote strategic Gates product lines.

Hydraulic Coupling Identification .pdf

Training presentation to teach customers the different parts and types of hydraulic couplings and how to use this information to identify hydraulic couplings.

Training Tools/Programs

I take a different approach to training and create unique training process that is easier for my counterparts and customers to use and understand. Here is an example of a tool I created that was adopted and used by counterparts and customers nationwide:

Hydraulic Flow Charts Ver. 10.1.pdf

Hydraulic flowcharts I used for training that lead to the creation of eFitting.

Technical schedule for the program I am developing.